Dry Cow Care

Many problems in early lactation, such as reduced performance, reduced fertility and metabolic issues such as milk fever, retained placentas and displacements can all be attributed to the management of dry cows. Dry cow management and nutrition is the cornerstone to not only a successful lactation but also a successful calf rearing period.


Worming /fluking strategy in addition to fly prevention should all be considered during this period. Thompsons produce a high quality pre-calver nut and a range of pre-calver blends to complement a range of forages. All pre-calver rations contain the dry cow pack, which is a combination of Availa 4 and Availa selenium vitamins/minerals and anionic salts and Rumitech365.


For further advice on feeding dry cows please contact your local Thompsons’ rep or the Thompsons’ Technical team on 028 9035 1321.


Posted 31,07,23 by allison.

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