Enterprise Minister commends positive research results

Rumitech in 2013

Through a partnership with a renowned expert on grass based feeding systems, Dr Finbar Mulligan of University College Dublin, 18 months of research has proven beyond any doubt that Rumitech can offer consistent, significant benefits 365 days of the year. The most recent trials focused on the effect of feeding Rumitech to high yielding dairy cows grazing from May to August, by assessing their performance and rumen pH profile. During the study rumen pH was recorded every ten minutes creating 144 data points per day, every day for six months. Milk yield and components were also recorded to determine herd performance during this time.

The aim of the research was to identify if acidosis was an issue at grass, and if so, would Rumitech continue to have the positive effect it had delivered previously. The results have now been released and Rumitech has shown for grass based summer feeding systems an incredible increase in milk yield of 7% with milk fat and protein rising by 5%. Based on current economics this study proves that dairy producers can expect as much as 9:1 return on investment 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, when Rumitech is included in the diet.  Rumitech 365 has now arrived!

Speaking at the launch of Rumitech 365, Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster said: “The development of this product is a shining example of what can be accomplished when industry leaders work together through Research & Development. Thompsons, AFBI (Hillsborough), UCD and Invest Northern Ireland took on the challenge, over a four year period, to create a year-round solution to rumen function problems in Northern Ireland’s dairy herds, and research shows that solution has now been found.”

Thompsons’ Chief Executive Declan Billington followed the Enterprise Minister by saying: “In these hard pressed times for dairy farmers, every kilogramme of grass, silage and concentrate must work to put money into the farmer’s pocket. I am proud to continue the tradition of feeding innovation, inspired by John Thompson and his Sons over a century ago when they started up in the feed business. Capturing the value of new technologies for the benefits of our customers will continue to be the cornerstone of who we are.”

He then went on to thank Dr Finbar Mulligan of UCD, for his help and support in delivering an all-year-round solution to dairy farmers on the island of Ireland.

With the circle of research encompassing both summer and winter situations Rumitech is now a product that can offer benefits 365 days a year. Rumitech 365 will now be included in Thompsons’ 2013 summer dairy rations with the all-year-round advantage that comes from tackling acidosis on-farm. For further information on Rumitech 365 and how it could benefit your herd at grass, contact your local Thompsons representative or Belfast on; 028 9035 1321

Rumitech – Background Detail

In 2011 Enterprise Minister Arlene foster said: “This new product (Rumitech) represents a significant breakthrough which will help improve the productivity and health of dairy herds in Northern Ireland.”

In 2011 Rumitech winter Trials, covering  three years of Invest NI funded research, carried out jointly  by The Thompson Technical team, (led by Professor Fred Gordon),  and Dr Conrad Ferris of AFBI found an amazing  8:1 return on investment to Northern Ireland’s dairy producers by using Rumitech in their winter feed. The key to this was that Rumitech   provided herd managers with a practical means of tackling sub-acute rumen acidosis (SARA), which is believed to affect over 50% of farms in Northern Ireland and is responsible for reducing milk yield and fat, inducing lameness and reducing intakes.

Further studies continued to reinforce the message of success, as it was found that Rumitech delivered significant benefits even when silage quality varied, forage type altered and concentrate rations changed. In particular it was noted that high glycogenic diets saw the greatest response to the addition of Rumitech, yielding an incredible 23% increase in the production of valuable volatile fatty acids (VFA’s). The question then had to be asked what Rumitech could offer to those on a grass based system. The recent results from UCD answer that question unequivocally. 

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