Spring Launch

Spring Launch

With the summer months fast approaching, spring growth has been exceptionally poor with prolonged cold and wet periods. Nonetheless it is important that producers focus their thoughts on the potential of grazed grass this season with the high cost of production and dwindling forage stocks a reality for many. This year Thompsons have devised a range of summer compounds which will both maximise performance and profitability of dairy herds, whether they are fully or partially grazed.

HGM Range

This summer the High Genetic Merit range has been formulated to give producers as many options as possible with all of the added value that comes from Availa 4 – a proven chelated mineral providing, copper, cobalt, zinc and manganese, higher levels of Vitamin E with its anti-oxidant properties, Protected Rumen by-pass Fat with its high energy characteristics and Rumitech365, a scientifically proven rumen enhancer at grazing.

Within the HGM range are a selection of Maize based rations. These include Diamond Grassmaster Gold 18. At 18% protein this ration contains high levels of Maize and quality protein from Soya allowing top performance under a range of systems. Another Maize based option Supreme Grasslink 16, with its high level of starch this 16% protein concentrate will supply cows with high levels of energy.

New to the HGM range is Emerald 18 HDF – with its high levels of digestible fibre this ration will balance early spring grass and help to support butterfat problems which many producers often experience.

A further option within the HGM range to address poor butterfat levels is Dairycream 18 with its high level of C16 protect Fat.

Classic Range

The classic range also provide a wide range of maize based options with Summer Grass Challenger 18 and Top Graze 16 providing 18% and 16% protein alternatives respectively. Both of these rations contain high levels of energy coupled with sufficient levels of digestible fibre that will support cows at grass.

All in all Thompsons have a wide range of products this summer that will allow producers to maximise performance at grass throughout the grazing season.

To find out more contact your local Thompsons representative or Belfast 028 9035 1321.

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