The Era of Discovery

In 2012 Thompsons’ employees and customers embarked on a partnership with Marie Curie Cancer Care. At that point there could have been no way of knowing what would come out of this relationship, probably like Marie Curie herself as she went to great lengths to both challenge and advance scientific developments in the early 1900’s. But in less than two years an amazing £20,000 has been raised through numerous fundraising efforts by both Thompsons’ 160 staff and customers. As a provider of 70,000 hours of support and specialist care to those even in the most rural locations, £20,000 is a much needed resource to ensure Marie Curie can continue their invaluable work. 

Thompsons’ Chief Executive Declan Billington reflected on the charity announcement, “Thompsons prides itself on its partnerships, which are always based on a footing of likeminded aspirations and a focus on what is truly important both to us and to our employees and customers. Partnering with Marie Curie has not been a chance encounter, but a decision taken by our employees and therefore is something the company supports from its core. We look forward to seeing what our fundraising in 2014 will bring to this extremely worthwhile cause.”

As Thompsons announce that they will be supporting Marie Curie for a third year, there is an opportunity to consider the historical timings that show how the bond with their charity partner will continue to grow and develop. In the 1880’s John Thompson was building his business in Belfast which would see him as the founder of the now largest multi-species feed mill in Europe. Unknown to him, on a different continent an extraordinary woman was pushing boundaries and making discoveries that would affect the way we now live, Marie Curie. 

Polish born Maria Salomea Sklodowski graduated from her schooling in 1884 with the highest accreditation and great ambitions to take her natural ability and interest in science much further. With limited options - due to her gender - in her hometown of Warsaw, Maria moved to Paris as Marie (so she sounded more French) where she met her future husband Pierre Curie. Marie and Pierre, alongside other keen scientists made huge advancements in research into radiation and were finally responsible for adding polonium (named after Marie’s native Poland) and radium to the periodic table of the elements. An organisation based on a foundation of hard work and determination is a shared thread of history between Thompsons and Marie Curie and one which the employees are committed to embracing through their fundraising efforts in 2014. Both Marie and John will remain ingrained in history as amazing pioneers in their own right who had their own set of challenges in a changing world.

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Posted 06,03,14 by allison.

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