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From the horse’s mouth…..

Forpadydeplasterer – ‘A Real Lady’s Man’

Following a glittering racing career, Forpadydeplasterer was put in the very capable hands of Joanne Quirke in February of this year. As the daughter of Peter Quirke - Eventing Ireland’s resident commentator – Joanne is no stranger to the horse world and has established a successful career in the equine industry both in and out of the saddle. In the first seven months of 2014 ‘Paddy’ has matched his previous wins on the racetrack with red rosettes in the show ring. Following their qualification, at Armagh Show, for the Dublin Horse Show ‘Racehorse to Riding Horse Invitational Event’, and the recent win at Tattersalls which will see them making the journey to the Royal Windsor Show, Joanne and Paddy are proving to be stiff competition. 

Thompsons’ Allison Matthews decided it was time to get the inside track from Joanne on her four-legged gentleman that seems to take winning in his – very long – stride.

Pegus profile

Name; Forpadydeplasterer

Stable name; Paddy

Height; 17.2hh

Age; 12

Breeding; Sire – Moscow Society (USA) /Dam – Run Artiste (Deep Run)

Colour; Bay

We know that Paddy can win and has great presence in the show-ring. We know that he is a stunning, strong gelding with flamboyant paces and a light touch. But what is Paddy really like? We asked Joanne the really important questions to try and find out.

Q1. What is Paddy’s favourite treat? 

Pink lady apples! Any apples at all are good, not carrots, he’ll leave them in his feed bucket! 

Q2. What makes Paddy whinny? 

Guiness, it’s good for you! Paddy loves it and even followed some poor ladies around the show-ring the other week in search of refreshment!

Q3. What makes Paddy kick? 

If I’m even two minutes late with Paddy’s breakfast he starts kicking the door! He is the first fed and is the only horse with a rubber mat as he is quite partial to using his hooves to signal his disgust at poor punctuality.

Q4. What makes him spook?

Paddy doesn’t bother getting spooked, that sounds like too much effort! But he does find small ponies fascinating, and can spend ages, with eyes agog, just watching them.

Q5. What is his favourite thing about being a riding horse? 

It suits his retirement plan and laid back nature.

Q6. What would Paddy’s favourite racing moment be?

Winning at Cheltenham.

Q7. Do you think he would pick Racing or Showing? 


Q8. Jumping or flatwork? 


Q9. Favourite schooling move? 

Extended trot.

Q10. Least favourite schooling move? 


Q11. What’s next Forpadydeplasterer?

He will be turning his hoof to Eventing Ireland next year.

When Paddy arrived at Joanne’s yard in February he had just come out of racehorse training and had been fed for this purpose. The challenge going forward was to find a feed plan that would satisfy the maintenance demands of this large athlete, while ensuring he had the calm, mental attitude required to cope with his re-schooling programme. As Joanne pointed out, Paddy is relatively laid back, but ultimately he is still a Thoroughbred and the concentration required to benefit from a flatwork session is something that requires a clear head in even the most relaxed horses. At the very beginning of Paddy’s re-training, Joanne enlisted the advice of Declan Cullen who recorded Paddy’s weight and condition. Then using the exclusive dietary software - Pegus PC Horse – Declan was able to provide Joanne with a feed plan to rebuild Paddy’s muscle tone after several years of grade 1 racing to ensure he would be fit for his new show career. The results speak for themselves and with Dublin in sight we can’t wait to hear how they get on and look forward to watching them grow through their eventing career. 

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Posted 12,08,14 by allison.

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