The test of time

Eight years ago, Jane Collins told Thompsons’ Allison Matthews that, “If someone has a list of 10 boxes they expect to tick when viewing a horse, I have 30.” And boy she wasn’t kidding. Arriving at the Northern Ireland Festival in Cavan, the outlook from the Lougherne team was pragmatic and Jane hoped that the horses would gain mileage and they would all have a bit of ‘craic’. With a horsebox containing equines that would be the envy of many a horse owner, Lougherne studs’ top young eventer Lougherne Cash in Hand was the first to tread the grass arena placing third in a strong novice working hunter class. Next was Lougherne Charity Blue, bought in Germany from Paul Shockmohle as a four year old stallion. Jane and William decided as he was proving to be a bit of a baby and taking his time to figure out life that they would bring him back to Northern Ireland to broaden his horizons and stand at stud for a season. A combination of show jumping, eventing, runs on the gallops and even time in the field have all contributed to turning the Chacco Blue stallion into a much braver and stronger seven year old. Under the expert guidance of Conor O’Hare, Charity Blue went on to be crowned Supreme Champion Working Hunter at the Northern Ireland Festival, proving that he is now able to bring together talent, scope, presence and a level head, when it matters. Jane says, “We had a great championships. We took 5 horses and came home with 5 rosettes one magnificent sash and a lot of empty prosecco bottles!”

Last month on a visit from Germany, Thorsten Wittenburg - Lougherne Stud’s European partner – popped Charity Blue over 1.50m and seemed happy that he would soon be ready to launch his continental career. How soon that is, will be dictated by Jane and William, and if Conor has his way another field trip may be required to Dublin Horse Show – just to get the horse more miles on the clock of course! As a long term supporter of Pegus products, Triple E is proving to be the winning feed for the horses. Jane confirmed that all the Lougherne horses are fed on Pegus, “It aids the stallion’s fertility, it maintains show quality appearance and importantly for the eventers it builds muscle without making the horses fizzy and losing concentration on their work.” And what William said years ago still stands; “Opening a bag of feed in January, June or September, I expect the quality, consistency and formulation of the feed I see, to be the same, every time.” Manufactured in Belfast by Thompsons, Pegus is the horse feed with a small carbon hoof-print, which delivers simple, consistent quality time after time.

To find out how Pegus can benefit your horse’s performance contact; Allison Matthews – 07894295844 or Declan Cullen - 07710883088


Posted 13,06,17 by allison.

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