The benefits of feeding colostrum are widely known but recent work highlights the benefits of feeding transition milk for up to 14 days prior to feeding calf milk and following colostrum. Made with over 60% skimmed milk and buttermilk, it is easily digested by the calf. Transition milk contains a surface antibody that can replace the colostrum antibody and remain in the small intestine to help maintain the calf’s intestinal health. Other ingredients include Kryptonite, a plant extract, which ensures the small intestine is a hostile environment for pathogens, yeast and linseed oil are also included which help with the calf’s immune response and reduce inflammatory reactions. This mix of plant extracts, probiotics, prebiotics and egg protein incorporated into a specialised calf milk will ensure that calves are weaned stronger and healthier. For more information on how Transformula can benefit your herd contact your local Thompsons’ representative.

Posted 08,01,19 by allison.

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