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This year, Thompsons will have a have GEN range of fertiliser available. The Goulding Enhanced Nitrogen (GEN) range will offer products that contain a combination of Nitrogen, Potassium and Sulphur. The GEN range, along with other Specialist Fertilisers and G-Lime, are available through the Thompsons’ sales team or by contacting the sales office on; 028 9035 1321.

What Is Goulding Enhanced Nitrogen (GEN)?

-  Goulding Enhanced Nitrogen (GEN) is a Dual acting product. It contains Nutrisphere-N ® a unique polymer, which is a urease inhibitor. This stabilises the nitrogen, which reduces the risk of loss from volatilisation and nitrification, and therefore leaching.

-  The Nutrisphere holds more of the applied nitrogen in the form of ammonium and prevents loss via the atmosphere AND drainage. GEN differs from other similar urea based products on the market, as they only prevent nitrogen losses via the atmosphere. 


How Does GEN Work?

-  The Nutrisphere-N ® coating on the GEN product protects nitrogen from soil enzymes and bacteria that cause volatilisation and nitrification loss.

-  By holding the nitrogen in the form of Ammonium, it is stable in the soil, and is therefore available for plant uptake.

Financial Benefits of GEN

-  Cost effective nitrogen source.

-  Fewer tonnes to transport and handle.

-  Reduced storage requirement.

Agronomic Benefits of GEN

-  Dual action, reduces volatilisation and helps prevent leaching.

-  Suitable for early application.

-  Stabilises applied nitrogen for increased availability.

-  Increased nitrogen efficiency.

-  Can be applied in warm conditions.

-  Proven to be as effective as CAN and CAN + Sulphur.

       For more information on GEN or how to improve your soil fertility, contact your

local Thompsons’ representative or our sales office on; 028 9035 1321.

Posted 21,01,19 by allison.

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