Dry Cow Pack

Dry Cow Pack

Following the launch of our Health Pack for calves, we can now introduce the new Dry Cow Pack, which is an integral part of our “Lifetime Dairy” offering. Many problems in early lactation such as poor milk yields, reduced fertility and metabolic issues such as milk fever, retained placentas or displaced abomasums, can all stem from the poor management and nutrition support given to the dry cow. Thompsons’ Pre-Calver Nuts – which include the New Dry Cow Pack – contain high quality protein sources, balanced levels of digestible fibre and anionic salts. With the inclusion of the locally proven Rumitech365, which helps condition the rumen environment and ease the transition to full production. The addition of a high spec vitamin and mineral pack includes Availa4, a well known combination of protected Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Cobalt, with unique bioavailability. There is also the new offering of Availa selenium which can deliver 77% of the selenium required for absorption in the small intestine. To hear about the further benefits this unique Thompsons’ Pre-Calver Nut - with the Dry Cow Pack as standard - can bring to your herd, contact your local Thompsons’ representative.

This week we are on farm with our Ruminant Nutritionist Mary-Jane Robinson, and Technical Sales Rep Basil Bailey discussing dry cow management. 

Bryan Graham from Moorfields, Ballymena, runs the Moorcastle Herd alongside his parents. With a rolling herd average of just under 10,000 litres, the emphasis is to ensure a smooth transition, with the understanding that dry cows are pivotal in the success of the next lactation. With Bryan also working off the farm - as a breeding consultant for World-Wide Sires – there is a keen focus on making sure that the right genetics are selected for the system. 

Attention is given to ensuring cows are given an adequate dry period, with a target of 60 days minimum, with heifers calving in between 22-25 months old. All dry cows are housed as one batch, which works well given the cow numbers dry at any given point on the farm. Cows are fed a mix of bales in the form of second cut silage and haylage, straw and they are fed 2 kgs of Thompsons’ Pre-Calver Nuts for the duration of the dry period. Prior to calving, cows will be moved to a straw pen and immediately post-calving all cows receive ‘Reviva’ - a rehydration energy drink containing electrolytes calcium, prebiotics and vitamins, ensuring the cow is given the best start, post-partum. The use of CowManager tags allows Bryan to monitor all cows individually, and this makes sure that any transitional issues are picked up fast, as rumination for example will drop when cows are sick.


Huge thanks to Bryan and the Graham family for giving us their valuable time. To find out how the New Dry Cow Pack can improve the performance of your herd, contact your local sales representative.


Posted 28,09,20 by allison.

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